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The USA up close with Jamal Musiala! We're meeting up with the 19-year-old FC Bayern shooting star every evening in the team hotel. In his diary, the Germany international takes you to Washington DC and Green Bay on the Audi Summer Tour 2022.

Servus, Bayern fans!

I’m coming at you again today from Washington DC, where we’re staying till Friday before we fly to Green Bay on Lake Michigan for the second friendly against Manchester City. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to that because I couldn’t play the first game on the tour against DC United.


It was down to load management as to why I didn’t play because I had slight muscular problems. I wasn’t really able to train in the morning, so we didn’t want to risk anything. But never mind, it’s much better already and I’ll be able to play again soon. Of course, I would’ve liked to help my teammates on the pitch, but today I got to be a spectator – hopefully like you 😉 We won 6-2, the atmosphere in the stadium was really nice. I was sitting behind the bench next to Max Pelka, our team psychologist. I was especially pleased about Sadio and Matthijs’s first goals. It was a good friendly match.

After the game at Audi Field – by the way, a really cool stadium here in DC – we met a few familiar 🏈 faces. German American football player David Bada from the Commanders and Mecole Hardman from the Chiefs came by. It’s always nice to meet some other athletes. We’re now back at the team hotel and I’m looking forward to Thursday. I’ll tell you why tomorrow 😉


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