Daniel van Buyten, FC Bayern

Daniel van Buyten on his thumping free-kick against Leverkusen

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Daniel van Buyten knows that football isn’t everything in life, but there’s also not much better when you add to those really important life events with the best pastime in the world. When the Belgian smashed in a free-kick from almost 30 yards against Bayer Leverkusen in September 2011, it wasn’t just the “power and precision” – as van Buyten described it – that stuck with Bayern fans afterwards.

Celebrating at home and on the pitch

“It was all a nice moment for me because I was lucky enough to be having a son, so I wanted to celebrate like that,” the former defensive giant said of his decision to run around the Allianz Arena with his thumb in his mouth like a baby. In part 4 of our Prost to the Past series, van Buyten also explains how he even came to take that free-kick.

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