The 5 best statements from the Q&A with Jamal Musiala

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It's a goal that Bayern fans will remember forever. Perfect ball control, a typically graceful movement and a well-placed shot into the far corner – and FCB were German champions again! Jamal Musiala entered the history books last Saturday with his 89th-minute winner in the 2-1 victory at 1. FC Köln. Before the season finale, we did a Q&A with the 20-year-old. Here you'll find the best statements from it, and you can watch the full video on YouTube:

The best statements from Jamal Musiala

What's your favourite film or your favourite series? Question from Kenla.14
"I've watched an awful lot of series. I liked Suits, Breaking Bad and right now I'm watching Silo. As for films, it's hard to say but Interstellar is certainly one of my favourites."

What was your favourite subject at school? Question from nikistyles_xo
"It sounds funny but I sometimes liked maths (laughs). And drawing was really good."

What's your favourite team in the NBA? Question from nick_sart11
"Golden State. I've watched every one of their games in the last three or four years. Steph Curry is a very entertaining player. It's enjoyable to watch them play. Sadly they just got knocked out of the playoffs by the Lakers, which really hurt. But it's ok. The Lakers are a good team too."


Who do you usually sit next to on the bus? Question from lisa_krstng
"I usually sit next to Josip Stanišić on the bus. We've got our Mario Kart group, with Josi, Leroy Sané and Thomas Müller. Leon Goretzka also sits nearby, but he doesn't play because he's afraid to (laughs)."

A piece of advice from your parents that will stay with you forever? Question from musialasfave_s
"I've had lots of advice from my parents, but just being easy-going, having fun, that was always the most important thing. I also often put pressure on myself, so it's important I don't forget to have fun. Just keep a clear head and play."

Musiala also speaks about fan gifts, Formula One, what songs he listens to before matches and his favourite trick. Happy viewing!

All the information on Bayern's 11th consecutive Bundesliga title is here:

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