FC Bayern Campus Stories: What it really takes to become a professional footballer

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The road to the top is a rocky one. At FC Bayern, the young talents are aware of this fact every day. They feel it every day, because the demands on them are high. At the same time, however, they know that it is achievable. Certainly not for everyone, but the chance exists, as the recent past has shown.

In recent years, not only Jamal Musiala made his breakthrough, but also Josip Stanišić, for example. Gabriel Vidović, Lucas Copado and Arijon Ibrahimović also celebrated their professional debuts. Paul Wanner even became the youngest Bundesliga player in the history of our club at the age of 16 years and 15 days.

From the FC Bayern Campus to the big stage of the Allianz Arena: In episodes five and six, the conclusion of the first season of "FC Bayern Campus Stories", this path is once again shown in detail. The story of the reserves and the U19s continues and the camera once again takes viewers along on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Explosive emotionality in the brutally frank dressing room speeches of the then youth coaches Martín Demichelis (now head coach at River Plate) and Danny Galm (now head coach at SV Sandhausen) alternate with spectacular match scenes, spirited team celebrations and refreshingly authentic interviews with the players themselves. The mix results in a unique style worth watching.

Giving everything for the big dream

Exclusive access for the camera team results in previously unseen footage of friendlies between reserves and professional players, tactics boards and the talents' rooms on Campus. There is great proof that really no one gets left behind and the solution to when Stanišić had to "pinch himself hard".

"You simply do everything for the dream. You do whatever it takes to live that dream," emphasises Ibrahimović, while Wanner recounts a fruitful conversation on WhatsApp with Joshua Kimmich.

The Campus series shows situations that are not usually seen in the day-to-day business of football.

Wanner, who played for the U17s, U19s, reserves and senior team in the 2021/22 season, also reveals what it really takes to reach the top at professional level. Slight spoiler: For him, talent itself is only a small part of it.

There is a sense of melancholy, however, when reserves "legend" Nicolas Feldhahn announces his retirement - our camera team is also on the pitch at the moment he gives his speech during his final training session and captures the important message the veteran passes on to the stars of tomorrow.

Important lessons for every young talent

If you have good players, it doesn't mean you have a good team. You need a good spirit.

Martín Demichelis, FC Bayern reserves coach

And at the end of the season, it actually becomes clear what makes the boys better every day and what it really takes to become a professional player.

Enjoy the two new episodes of "FC Bayern Campus Stories“!

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