FC Bayern Women

Arrival in Mexico: ‘Looking forward to the country, the city and the game’


Shortly after their winter training camp, FC Bayern Women arrived in Monterrey, Mexico, on Tuesday evening as part of the FCB Women's Tour. The highlight of the trip is a friendly against Mexican champions Tigres Femenil on Saturday 21 January. On the first day, head coach Alexander Straus’ team settled in and visited the ‘Monumental Flag’.

Team events, training sessions, friendly match

FCB Women, Sarah Zadrazil
FCB Women with Sarah Zadrazil at the final training session before leaving the FC Bayern Campus.

The Munich team won't get bored during their stay in Mexico. As well as the intensive training sessions, emphasis will also be placed on team activities in Monterrey before the friendly against the ‘Amazonas’ at the weekend. Vice-captain Sarah Zadrazil is looking forward to the next few days: "Personally, I've never been to Mexico, I think very few of us have. So we're looking forward to the country, the city and of course a very cool game on Saturday. Due to the travel and the time change, we can’t train too much, but of course we have various sessions and the friendly."

Strengthen team cohesion

On long trips, players grow even closer together. This is noticeable in terms of team cohesion: "It's always great when you're together 24/7. We had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together at the training camp, it's similar in Mexico. We’ll have a few team events, get out of the hotel a bit, I'm looking forward to that," Zadrazil said.

‘Interesting opponents’

On Saturday 21 January at 5 pm local time (Sunday January 22, 00:00 CET), FC Bayern Frauen will meet Tigres Femenil at the Estadio Universitario. The Mexicans have won five titles in the last five years and are strong opponents. Goalkeeper Mala Grohs emphasises the importance of these friendlies: "We have 90 minutes against good opponents. Of course you want to win the game and the burden is different. We can see whether we can implement what we have worked on in training.” The game is the highlight of the trip for Zadrazil: “Friendly games are for trying things out. Tigres are interesting opponents, I've never played against a Mexican team. It will be a good test.”

For the coming season, Austria international Katharina Naschenweng will add strength to FCB Women: