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New Women signing Hansen: Feels good to be here

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It’s been a busy few days for Tuva Hansen, who only had a matter of hours in Munich after joining FC Bayern Women before heading off to Doha on Tuesday for the team’s training camp. The 25-year-old Norwegian defender has spoken about her start to life at the club.

Interview with Tuva Hansen

Welcome to Bayern, Tuva! How have your first few days been in Munich and here in Doha?
“It’s been really great. Everyone’s welcomed me so nicely and it feels good to be here. I think it’s really unique to have a team at such a high level that integrates new players so quickly. That’s special and I’m really grateful for that.”

Tuva Hansen FC Bayern
Tuva Hansen went straight with the team to their training camp in Doha.

You previously played under Alexander Straus at Brann Kvinner. What’s he like as a coach?
“He’s a very good coach. I believe in him. He’s tactically very good but also sees the character of the players as part of the bigger picture. That’s special.”

How were the first training sessions with your new teammates?
“It was very good. The team is at such a high level, the ball is played quickly, and all the girls are really good.”

Tuva Hansen FC Bayern
Tuva Hansen with her new teammates Sarah Zadrazil and Emilie Bragstad.

You only had one day in Munich and then flew off with the team. How have the players welcomed you in?
“They’re very open and welcomed me in really well. I’m really happy to be here now.”

See how the first day of the training camp in Doha went:

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