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An eye-catching exhibit

Esports team present the Cup trophy

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The trophy gives off a green glow, appearing almost spacey. Yes, it has to be said that this exhibit at the FC Bayern Museum is particularly eye-catching. Which is rather fitting, because the very likeable guys who presented it personally in the club museum have also achieved something particularly striking: Gamers Alex Alguacil, Miguel Mestre and José Sanches are the e-sportsmen of FC Bayern - and proud winners of the Cup.

It took just one year for the team coached by Matthias Luttenberger to become part of Bayern's history. On December 9, 2019, FC Bayern announced their entry into the world of esports and started competing in the KONAMI League. The season, however, had to be ended prematurely due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning Luttenberger's team became runners-up. The Bavarians took advantage of the enforced break - and returned for the subsequent Cup with some strong performances. After wins over Juventus (3-2 a.e.t.) and Barcelona (2-0), FC Bayern were crowned the first Cup champions. It was a success that of course had to be chronicled in the club museum.

The best team in the league - part of FC Bayern history

"I think we were the best team in the league this year. We wanted to show the world what we were capable of," said Miguel Mestre. And they succeeded. In the display case of one of the side sections, visitors can admire both the trophy and the trio's authentic jerseys from last season. It's located in the rear section of the permanent exhibition, and it took coach Luttenberger and his team a while to get there. Because the entire esports team were also fascinated by the journey through the club's history.

In particular, the new display cabinet showcasing the treble was of course very popular with the high-profile visitors. The achievements of the professional players, with whom they play virtually on the console, spurred Alex Alguacil, Miguel Mestre and José Sanches on. The league starts on 12 December - and next year they want to come back to the museum. Preferably with the next trophy in tow.

As soon as the FC Bayern Museum opens again, visitors can discover this eye-catching exhibit!

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