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Mr FC Bayern - Uli Hoeneß, The Man

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Uli Hoeneß’s record over 70 years speaks for itself with a sensational collection of 60 titles. But FC Bayern’s current honorary president is about so much more than success and trophies. His human side has allowed him to become the face of FC Bayern and is a core element of our special exhibition “Mr FC Bayern – Uli Hoeneß, The Man” to mark his 70th birthday.

Exhibition makes clear Hoeneß’s uniqueness

Visitors can now follow in Hoeneß’s footsteps – in the truest sense of the world – until the end of the year. The floor of the special exhibit depicts the life and work of the club’s honorary president in numbers from 1 to 70. The milestones of his eventful life are described in detail in words, pictures and sound. Lovingly selected photos and items from Hoeneß’s large collection provide information that is otherwise hidden.

His childhood as the son of a butcher, head boy at school and exceptional athlete in Ulm are just as much a subject as the big step to Bayern that Hoeneß dared to take in 1970. He quickly became a star and remained so until retirement. The exhibition focuses on how he shaped Bayern in his own personal way over a total of five decades. His human side is regarded as unique in the footballing world. Whether ideas, management style or office furnishing, the fact that Hoeneß is a real one-off becomes clear in various parts of our exhibit.

Original office, exclusive footage and interactive station

In addition to his school paraphernalia, outstanding exhibits include an original shirt that was swapped after the 1974 European Cup final, Hoeneß’s original fan scarf, the medals from the three consecutive European Cup titles between 1974 and 1976, and his honorary president certificate. There are also several eye-catching items in the exhibition, with the most striking undoubtedly being the original furniture from the office where Hoeneß shaped Bayern into a global brand as general manager and president. The exclusive film also provides a glimpse behind the scenes, in which Hoeneß is joined by his wife Susi, who talks privately and amusingly about life with her husband. Visitors can learn about the thoughts of the opinionated man on key words spanning all manner of subjects at the interactive station.

The exhibition has heart and touches the heart. It makes clear that Hoeneß’s life’s work is not only based on his entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and great meticulousness, but also his special intuition. He turned FC Bayern into a family that still lives by the values that he implemented and exemplified. Hoeneß is one of the greatest characters in football history but has remained a human. Uli, The Man.

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