Special exhibition opens

50 Years of the Olympiastadion - FC Bayern Under the Tent Roof

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The new special exhibition at the FC Bayern Museum, “50 Years of the Olympiastadion - FC Bayern Under the Tent Roof”, centres on what happened at the world-famous stadium between 1972 and 2005 involving the German record champions. For 33 years it was the club’s home ground, where FC Bayern played 793 matches and celebrated 2,094 goals. “When FC Bayern moved to the Allianz Arena, the club was able to build up its museum at its new stadium. Since many Munich people still have fond memories of the Olympiastadion, we’re pleased to illuminate this historic stadium in our special exhibition,” said Petra Leufstedt, director of the FC Bayern Museum, after a first look round.

More than 31 million spectators attended Bayern matches at the Olympiastadion. The exhibition, which was conceived to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games, takes visitors back to relive great triumphs and unusual moments. “With their successes over three decades, FC Bayern left a lasting mark on the Olympiapark. We’re proud that both sides benefited from this special alliance and remain on friendly terms to this day,” commented Olympiapark managing director Marion Schöne.

Exhibits, highlight film and model centrepiece

In the middle of the permanent exhibition, visitors can now also immerse themselves in the world under the tent roof. The centre of the exhibition is the model of the stadium, which set standards as a jewel of German post-war architecture and was more than just a match venue for FC Bayern. Its setting among countryside as well as the filigree architectural style quickly made the Olympiastadion a landmark of the Bavarian state capital - and a real home for Bayern. The era is also synonymous with the club’s rise to national dominance and into the world’s elite.

The German record champions suffered just 79 defeats at the Olympiastadion between 28 June 1972 and 14 May 2005. These, and obviously the 576 wins and 138 draws as well, are featured in the detailed list of all matches. Selected exhibits from the 1972 Olympic Games, when the football tournament and athletics competitions were held at the Olympiastadion, and items from the following decades, are real eye-catchers. The role of the fans, who developed their own scene in the 80,000-capacity stadium, is also covered. A further highlight is an exclusive film about the great moments from 50 years of the Olympiastadion, which can be accessed via a QR code in the Museum.

Special exhibition included in admission fee

“It began sensationally and ended sensationally.” This quote can be read in the Bayern Magazine from when the club bade farewell to the Olympiastadion with the 2005 Bundesliga title. There was much else to celebrate during the intervening 33 years, and not just the 14 domestic championships. The great enthusiasm at this year’s European Athletics Championships in August also proved how much the Olympiastadion, with its iconic roof, has endured as a landmark. “FC Bayern Under the Tent Roof“ is included in the admission fee for the FC Bayern Museum, meaning a walk through the permanent exhibition is even more worthwhile now.

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