Special Exhibition

Professional Footballer: Dream and Reality

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A childhood dream, but it only comes true for a handful of footballers: collecting trophies aplenty with FC Bayern and being the centre of attention, cheered and admired as an idol. But what does it mean to be a professional footballer? What is the daily routine for Thomas Müller & Co? Answers to these and many other questions are provided by “Professional Footballer: Dream and Reality,” the new special exhibition running at the FCB club museum from 28 April.

Museum visitors can immerse themselves in the detail of life as a pro until April 2017. The exhibition gives a realistic idea of the long path to the biggest footballing stage, providing behind the scenes insights. The major exhibition illustrates factors such as training, talent and fitness as well as various factors impacting on the fate of young sports persons.

Müller and Heinze: Contrasting careers

Exclusive footage features Thomas Müller talking about his career and his daily routine. In addition to the Germany international and FC Bayern pillar, we examine the path followed by Timo Heinze. Müller's former team-mate in the youths and reserves has not made the leap to the pros. Instead, Heinze is studying psychology in Cologne.

The complex topic fascinated not only the Museum staff, but also all the other persons who play a crucial role in the exhibition. Besides Müller and Heinze, the likes of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Uli Hoeneß and Hermann Gerland provide valuable insights into the club. Other exhibits from the Museum archives and the youth section tell additional, exciting and absorbing stories.

Following on from “Goalkeeper, Inventor, All-Rounder” and “Kaiser. Kalle. Bomber,” “Professional Footballer: Dream and Reality” is the third major special exhibition at the FC Bayern club museum. Fans young and old will be thrilled by the subject.