Special exhibition to honour Franz Beckenbauer


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He became world champion as a player and a coach, celebrated historic titles with his FC Bayern and is considered an ambassador of German football across the world. The special exhibition KAISER 75, designed to mark Franz Beckenbauer's 75th birthday, brings together the sportsman and the person to create an impressive overall picture. The Kaiser's childhood in the Giesing district of Munich, his life in the US and his career at FC Bayern are as much the subject of the exhibition as his everyday life in Salzburg today. Lovingly selected exhibits, exclusive films as well as anecdotes from numerous companions offer both a summary and a glimpse of the private life of German football's most famous son.

Franz Beckenbauer surrounded by the spoils of his career - a great photo motif for visitors.

FC Bayern would like to say "happy birthday" and "thank you" at the same time, and you can see the love of detail in the exhibition. Running until the end of 2021, it offers visitors to the club museum the unique opportunity to experience Beckenbauer in a more private way than ever before. Exhibits such as boxing gloves donated by Muhammad Ali as well as detailed notes made by Beckenbauer from his time as a coach tell their own stories. In particular, the exclusive exhibition film, in which the brothers Franz and Walter Beckenbauer appear, also leaves viewers feeling very emotional. It sheds light on the 75-year-old’s success, but also on the difficult recent years in which the Kaiser suffered with health issues and had to cope with the untimely death of his son Stephan.

Beckenbauer is delighted, and recommends: Come along!

Beckenbauer, who provided many of the exhibits himself from his own collection, was deeply impressed at the opening of the special exhibition: "I'm still fascinated by the images, I feel transported back to all the decades I spent with FC Bayern."

The Kaiser's recommendation: Come along and take a look!