Special exhibition goes back to 1900

Studio to football pitch

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Exceptional from the first second - that is FC Bayern Munich. Because on 27 February 1900 there were 17 bright minds, artists and creative people who launched today's record champions in the heart of Munich. Some were part of Schwabing's world-famous art and cultural life as painters, sculptors or photographers. What they all had in common was a love of football. The special exhibition "Studio to football pitch" takes visitors back to the founding years of FC Bayern - a time of social upheaval on and off the field. The exhibition opened on time for the club's 119th birthday.

It was by no means a coincidence that the club was founded at the time when the Munich art scene was reviving. People wanted to be innovative and self-determined in all parts of social life. This is shown by the works of Benno Elkan, Paul Francke, Wilhelm Focke, Otto Ludwig Naegele and founding initiator and photographer Franz John. For example, a bust of Karl Valentin can be seen alongside sketches, drawings and photos. The well-known graphic "Die Rothosen" by Sepp Mauder, whose creativity benefited the association for decades when he joined in 1903, links to the appearance of the association today. The aim and central component of the exhibition is to uncover the close connection between art and football - between FC Bayern and the Academy of Fine Arts. In the Schwabing area, Bayern quickly made a name for themselves on and off the pitch.

How did the founding fathers live and work with the first President Franz John? Why and how did FC Bayern come about? Installations, works of art as well as opportunities to participate and learn deal with the past as an "artist club". That's why the "Café Gisela", the founding site of FC Bayern, is included in the exhibition as an installation. A real highlight is the animated film, which brings visitors closer to the founding of the association in a charming way. On a historical city map, you can literally walk the streets of yesteryear.

The young fans will also get their money's worth. They can experiment with colours and shapes, both digitally and traditionally. A frottage station with a classic pencil invites you to create drawings, as does a digital touchscreen. After the demo exhibition "NOW AND THEN - The other view" in autumn 2019, the special exhibition was extended to 31 March 31 2020.

After "Goalkeeper, inventor, jack of all trades" (2014), "Kaiser. Kalle. Bomber." (2015), "Professional Footballer - Dream and Reality" (2016) and "MOMENTS. Once experienced. Never Forgotten" (2017/18) ,"Studio to football pitch" is the fifth major special exhibition in the FC Bayern club museum. For ticket holders of the FC Bayern Museum, the visit is included in the admission price.