Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski

The art of the striker – Robert Lewandowski jersey by FCB Bayern

When seen on the field, the Robert Lewandowski jersey inspires confidence in the hearts of fans and fear in the hearts of opponents. There are only a handful of offensive players that are able to combine so many talents and abilities as a striker as our number 9 forward. Lewandowski’s intelligence and quick decision-making have served to keep this man ahead of the competition and constantly on the ball, seeking out scoring opportunities at every turn. His strength as a striker makes him tremendously effective, because even in the most important matches he is always playable and brings in wins left and right. Between speed and agility, Lewandowski leaves his opponents in the dust and has the fans of FC Bayern München cheering.

Robert Lewandowski – Bayern München’s top striker

Robert Lewandowski’s first steps as a footballer began in his hometown of Warsaw, Poland. After two very successful seasons at Lech Poznan, he quickly became a top scorer in the Polish league and moved to Germany for Borussia Dortmund. There he quickly became a high-performance player and a top scorer in the Bundesliga. Since the 2014/2015 season, Robert Lewandowsi has borne the number 9 FCB jersey proudly and performed spectacularly with his German team. Lewandowski also plays for the Polish national team, where he performs the role of team captain. Lewandowski is always an entertaining player to watch and is nearly guaranteed to score exciting goals. In the 2019/2020 season, Robert scored a sensational 34 goals for Bayern München.

Top scorer of Bayern München

With his effective and inspiring play, Robert Lewandowski has quickly won the hearts and minds of fans of FC Bayern München. The jersey of our current centre-forward can bring out the true FCB fan in you as well. Whether you’re viewing the team at the Allianz Arena or hanging out with your friends, the Robert Lewandowski jersey is the perfect sportswear for any fan of FC Bayern. When you don your own number 9 jersey, you’re instilling in yourself a little piece of the indomitable spirit and excellence that are hallmarks of Robert Lewandowski’s football success. The Robert Lewandowski jersey is available in a number of colours, sizes and cuts for men, women and children. Pair it with some other merchandise and really complete your FC Bayern fan regalia.