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Coach Wörle on Bayern's title chances

League winners? You won't find anyone at FC Bayern women's team utter those words. Despite leading the league and being the only undefeated team this season, Thomas Wörle's team remains grounded. Bayern are top of the league with 47 points and are trailed by defending champions and Champions League winners VfL Wolfsburg (45 points with a game in hand) and 1. FFC Frankfurt (43 points with a game in hand).

"Of course our position in the standings is great," said Wörle in an interview with But he also does not want to get hung up on what can potentially happen. "We are concentrating on only one thing - the next game," said the 33-year-old. In the interview, he also talked about the rest of the season, the return of Lena Lotzen and already planning for next season.

The Interview with Thomas Wörle

fcbayen: Congrats on the league lead, Thomas! Did you print out the standings and hang them on your wall yet?

Wörle: "No, of course not. (laughs). Of course the league lead is great for us. But Wolfsburg and Frankfurt still have a game in hand. But we could not have predicted this at the beginning of the season. We also don't want the position in the table to get in the way. Since the start of the season, we've done well to take it one game at a time."

fcbayern: How hopeful are you to remain on top by the end of the season?

Wörle: "We know that if we win our remaining three games we will at least finish second. That will be difficult enough. Awaiting us are three difficult tasks, and if we finish in second it would be sensational. Everything else is not up to us."

fcbayern: You talk about second place, but first is also still realistic!

Wörle: "The current league lead gives us confidence and stability, but only briefly as Wolfsburg still have a game to play. In that we are realistic. We're only concerned with things that we can control. We can't have the mentality of 'what-if'. We concentrate only on one thing - and that's the next game. That's what we can influence."

fcbayern: But you can see that the chances of winning are increasing?

Wörle: "Of course that's valid and understandable. And we're not against that. On the contrary, we want to do everything we can to be at the top by the end. What the team has been able to do since hte beginning of the season is just very impressive. We are absolutely playing above anything we expected. Despite that, the next game doesn't start with a lead for us but at 0:0. Through their great performances, the team has been able to gain a lot of confidence in their abilities while remaining modest and grounded. We continue to focus on the points that help us be successful in games, as we have done the whole season."

fcbayern: Unlike FC Bayern, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt are still in the Champions League and DFB Cup. Is this an advantage for your team?

Wörle: "Maybe. Maybe not. I don't think it makes a big difference. You just have to look at the fact that these teams have incredible quality in their squads."

fcbayern: Speaking of squads. In your 2:1 win in Sand last week, Lena Lotzen made her comeback. Other players are also on their way back from injury. Can this give you an extra push at the end of the season?

Wörle: "Absolutely. That's my hope. Unfortunately we haven't had the best conditions for competition in the squad in the last three or four months because of injuries so it's good to have players returning now: Lena Lotzen, Laura Feiersinger, Nora Holstad. I'm also hopeful that Mana Iwabuchi will be available for our last few games. On the other hand, unfortunately we will have to do without Vanessa Burki and Leonie Maier now."

fcbayern: What role can Lena Lotzen play at the end of the season?

Wörle: "Lena is an extremely important player for us. She can really pull the team along with her style of play. She has a great presence and quality as a player. But it will take some time until she reaches top form again. We can't forget that last week Lena played her first game in seven months."

fcbayern: Are you sad that there a break in play now for three weeks?

Wörle: "To be honest I'm glad that we can finally take a breath. We have some injured players and the three weeks will be used to collect all our strength for the last three games."

fcbayern: Let's take a quick look to the future. How confident are you that the squad will stay together for next season?

Wörle: "We will definitely keep the squad together and maintain continuity. But we also see the gap that still exists between us and the top teams, despite what the current standings in the league table say. In order to repeat the form from this season, we need to add more quality. Given the many strong teams in Germany we have to strengthen in many different areas to keep up consistently."