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"FC Bayern will always be my team"

He was a coach at FC Bayern Basketball for nine years and is now saying goodbye: Andreas Wagner will take over at RASTA Vechta next season, where he aims to achieve his third Bundesliga promotion. In 2004 he was in charge when FCBB were promoted into the second division. In 2006 Wagner left his hometown club and celebrated success with Nördlingen and Bayreuth in the ProA league, before returning to Munich in 2012 to work as Svetislav Pesic' assistant. The biggest highlight was back in 2014 as the team clinched the German championship.

FCBB: Andreas, you're a key component in FCBB's coaching staff and your decision to join Vechta was surely not an easy one...?

Andreas Wagner: That's correct. I have a very special connection with FC Bayern Basketball and it will always be my home-club. I grew up here and owe this club so much. Making the decision to leave very, very tough.

FCBB: What made you decide to leave in the end?

Wagner: I've had the urge to be head coach again for some time now. Vechta also provides an attractive challenge from a sporting aspect.

FCBB: In total, you've been a FCBB coach for nine years. How did you experience the club's development?

Wagner: It was a tough struggle between 2000 and 2006. At the time, we managed 2. Bundesliga promotion by almost only using players from our own youth teams. A dream came true in 2012 when I returned and had my first home game. Even during my time as head coach, there had always been debates whether or not we will ever have our home games in this historic arena. To return years later and walk out onto the court in the Audi Dome for the first time was a really special feeling – especially for myself having been born and raised in Munich.

FCBB: A feeling that was certainly topped two years later when you won the championship...

Wagner: ...that was incredible. We had so many tough games that season and also made it into top16 of the Euroleague. Winning the title was the highlight of my career. There are not many people out there that can call themselves German champions.

FCBB: It wasn't mean to be this season though.

Wagner: Small details made the difference in the end. If you lose out in the fifth game of the series, it often depends on the daily form. The home defeat in our second match was also a huge blow.

FCBB: General manager Marko Pesic praised the strong character of the team considering the many setbacks you experienced through injuries. How would you rate the season overall?

Wagner: We always worked hard for the title. Securing a place in the final by winning the fifth game in Berlin, after having been down in the series 2-1 at one point, really says a lot about this team. In the end you have to take something positive from the fact that you finished the season in second place, despite the disappointment.

FCBB: Will you still have some days to digest this season before you start your new job?

Wagner: It was a long season and I invested a lot of energy into it. But I already have to focus on getting a team together for the next season. If everything goes to plan, I might have some days off at the start of August.

FCBB: What are you expecting of Vechta?

Wagner: Having talented German players in your squad is extremely important in the ProA league. Two German players always have to stand on the court. We will look to build up Vechta on the same principles as Svetislav Pesic has done at FC Bayern: Play aggressive and defend well.

FCBB: As a coach you've already led two teams from the ProA league into the BBL. All good things come in threes right?

Wagner: We obviously want to challenge for a top spot and we will try our best.

FCBB: We wish you the best of luck!