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Summer interview with Svetislav Pesic

Svetislav Pesic enjoyed a quick holiday where he focused "on little Basketball." The coach couldn't spend that much time away from the game he loves. Before going on holiday, he sat down with us where he talked about future of the team and how the Germany team look heading into EuroBasket 2015.

FCBB: Coach, the team is starting to shape up nicely. John Bryant extended his contract and you guys picked up Alex Renfroe, Maxi Kleber and Deon Thompson along the way. What did you base the team around?

Svetislav Pesic: Continuity was the most important. We also looked for experience and we wanted to have some new blood in the team. We felt like the team needed a rejuvenation. We also looked for athletic players who bring plenty of energy and more power to the team.

FCBB: The fans here are stoked that Deon Thompson is returning. How did that happen?

Pesic: Deon stayed in contact with us wherever he played. He is a familiar face and loves Munich. It was good that he gained some experience in China and Israel. Now we are all happy that he is back in the team.

FCBB: When you think of bringing in some new blood Maxi Kleber and the three youngsters (Sebastian Schmitt, Karim Jallow and Dejan Kovacevic) who signed their contract come to mind. What role will they have in the team?

Pesic: First off let me start by saying that all three have developed their game very well. We have high expectations on those three and that is why they we offered them a professional contract. Now they will have the chance to show that they want to develop their game like real professionals.

FCBB: Eurobasket is right around the corner. What are Germany's chances?

Pesic: It is a very hard group with Serbia, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The fact that they are home in the first round in Berlin will help. But the team must help themselves. I think that they have a very interesting team that just isn't comprised of Dirk Nowitzki, they have other players who have quickly developed. I am 100 percent sure that Germany will play some good basketball. But, their group is very hard. It will be both interesting and hard. But I hope that Germany finish in the Top 4.

FCBB: What effect does hosting EuroBasket have on German Basketball?

Pesic: A very big one. Holding an event like this in Germany will further develop basketball in the country. The media interest is growing. There are positive effects and I think that is great that EuroBasket is back in Germany. In 1993 we won in Munich.

FCBB: What is Svetislav Pesic doing for the rest of his summer?

Pesic: I will be in Munich cooling off in the pool. I will head back home for a couple of days and then I will attend some coaching camps. Without basketball something is missing.