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Interview with Boquete

Vero Boquete and Bayern: ‘a perfect relationship’

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She’s played in the U.S., Sweden, and Germany. She’s captain of the Spanish women’s national team. She won the Champions League a couple of months ago. She’s nominated for Best Women’s Player in Europe. Now, Verónica Boquete will don the FC Bayern jersey.

The 28-year-old midfielder from Santiago de Compostela made the move from 1. FFC Frankfurt to Munich to “be a part of something big,” she told Boquete, currently sitting out due to a minor muscle injury, talks about her first days at Bayern, meeting Pep Guardiola, and her goals at Bayern Munich.

Interview with Verónica Boquete Vero, welcome to Bayern! How was your first week in Munich?

Boquete: Thank you, it’s been very nice. I was definitely a little excited to come to Munich and Bayern – and now I feel totally welcome. Everything is so easy-going and yet very professional. The standard of training is also very high. It’s just the injury that’s holding me back a little, but I’m hoping to finally start this coming week. Do you know anybody from the team from before?

Boquete: Just our goalkeeper Tinja-Riikka Korpela – we played together in Sweden at Tyresö, the others I only know from Bundesliga games. But the assimilation has been going really well. Everyone helps me out, everyone speaks English to me. The team really helps make it easy for me. What was your first impression of coach Thomas Wörle?

Boquete: He’s one of the main reasons I came to Munich. I had many conversations with him and I knew: ‘I want to go to Bayern!’ It was an easy decision. What did he tell you?

Boquete: He told me: ‘If you want to play in a finished team, if you want to have the security of winning trophies, then Bayern Munich isn’t the club for you. But if you want to be a part of something big, if you’re looking for high intensity and inspiration, if you want to keep improving, if you want to strive together for something, then Bayern Munich is the club for you.’ I chose the second option. Thomas has so much energy, his training sessions are so challenging. I’m looking forward to working with him. Earlier this week you met another coach at Säbener Straße: Pep Guardiola.

Boquete: It was great! We have some friends in common but we had never met before. We chatted a bit and took pictures together. He offered me help whenever I need it. Thiago and Javi Martínez were also very friendly and welcomed me. Did you know when you decided to come to Bayern that you would be meeting up with Pep Guardiola?

Boquete: Pep wasn’t the reason I chose Bayern, it’s just a perk. I love soccer and at Bayern I can see Pep at work on the field – you can’t put a price on that! What qualities can you bring to the team?

Boquete: I’m a creative player who wants to have the ball at her feet. I hope to bring the team even more ball possession and assists, and I bring with me a lot of experience from the best leagues in the world. I think I can help the team grow, and at the same time I feel I can continue to grow as a player as well. I’ll give the best I can. What do you think of the chances of defending the Bundesliga title?

Boquete: Each game will be more difficult than in the last season. Each opponent will be even more concentrated and will want all the more to defeat the reigning champions. But we have a good mix of young and experienced players. It’s a good precondition to go one step further and withstand the pressure. You mentioned once that for every title win you do a part of the Way of St. James.  Did you continue this summer after winning the Champions League?

Boquete: Not yet. I didn’t have time after the World Cup but I’m planning to do it over the winter break. And I’m hoping to continue to do other parts of the path after next summer. You’re one of the 12 players nominated by UEFA for the Best Women’s Player in Europe 2014/15 award. How do you see your chances?

Boquete: It’s incredible, above all because this is my third consecutive year being nominated. Just being on the list in itself is a huge honor. I’m happy, but I don’t have any expectations, no sleepless nights. I don’t work for individual awards but rather the success of the team. I see this nomination more as a huge motivation. It tells me I did well in the past, and that’s what I want to continue to do, and best case taking it to the next level. You’ve played in Sweden and in the U.S. How do you see women’s soccer in Germany?

Boquete: At the moment, the Bundesliga is the best and strongest league in the world. There are four teams fighting for the title, but other teams also play at a high level. Tactically and physically the level is high. In a TV documentary, your brother Adrían said: “Above all else, Verónica wants to win.”

Boquete: (laughs) He knows it better than anyone else. He’s three years older than me, and when we were kids I always wanted to be better than him. My motto is: “Dream to live! Live to play! Play to win!” That winner’s mentality aligns with that of Bayern.

Boquete: (laughs) That’s probably why I’m here. This could be a perfect relationship.