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Zipser drafted by Chicago Bulls

FC Bayern Basketball is excited about the next step in Paul Zipser’s career: The 22-year-old international has been selected by the legendary Chicago Bulls with the 48th pick in the NBA draft. The small forward watched the draft, which was taking place in New York, with his parents and girlfriend in his home town of Heidelberg.

"I’m exceptionally happy to be drafted in by such a great club, which is currently in a state of transition," said Paul Zipser on Friday. "In the next two, three days, talks between the involved parties will decide what happens next. From what I’ve heard about Chicago, it must be a wonderful city. Of course, it would be a dream to be able to prove myself there now. But due to my contract with FC Bayern, I am very relaxed because I also feel very comfortable in Munich. We will therefore see what happens now."

Bayern CEO Marko Pesic congratulated Zipser and described the NBA pick "as great recognition for our club and our youth set-up," said the former international. "I think it’s fantastic that Paul’s career path shows what talented players can achieve in a short space of time." Pesic recalled how Zipser joined Bayern when he was 18-years-old and injured and was also sidelined with a serious knee injury during the 2014 Championship-winning campaign. "Nevertheless, he has become a senior international with us and has now been included in the NBA draft after drawing attention to himself with his performances. He could now perhaps even go directly into the NBA. This shows us that he has been put through a sensible and effective training program here and has worked excellently with lots of patience."

Paul Zipser originally entered his name in the 2015 NBA draft before withdrawing. In the German league this season, the athletic player averaged 7.1 points per game and scored almost 50 percent of his shots from three-point range. The 2m-tall man recently impressed scouts as the most valuable player at the adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, to which the FCBB premium partners had invited him. Shortly after Zipser’s transfer from Heidelberg to Munich in 2013, adidas incidentally had a positive influence: Thanks to a specially-made shoe, the talented star could gradually overcome his persistent foot problems.

Only three and a half years later, Zipser‘s NBA dream is closer than ever. However, watching the 2016 NBA Draft picking wasn’t plain sailing according to Paule: "Our transmission of ESPN faltered a bit and kept dropping out – and when I was picked, it was on an advert. Therefore, I didn’t see when it happened . . ."