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"New facets"

Bayern have fun with Ancelotti

The Allianz Arena clocks showed nine minutes had been played when Carlo Ancelotti celebrated his first Bundesliga goal, raising his arms into the Munich night sky. Many more were to follow. The 57-year-old started his first Bundesliga season with a 6-0 victory. No FCB coach and no Bundesliga team have ever had a better start.

"It was a good start. I'm happy," Ancelotti declared after the final whistle: "We pressed forward well, set up many combinations and attacked with many players." Thomas Müller added: "A 6-0 victory is a superb result of course. We were very dominant, there were no major flaws in our play, so we're quite pleased."

Manuel Neuer called the result a "marker," both for his team "so we know where we are" and "for our competitors, considering how dominant we were and how cool we were when posting this 6-0 victory."

Ancelotti's signature tactics and trust

Carlo Ancelotti's influence on the team was salient. "We played more defensively at times and created space this way," explained Philipp Lahm. "We let them play the first pass and then attacked," reported Neuer, and went on to praise his coach's behaviour: "He knows how to handle every single player. In his calm way he trusts us to make our own decisions out on the pitch."

The Bavarians showed their gratitude, being visibly delighted to be playing and handing their coach a wonderful start to the new season. "The coach certainly introduces some new facets. He has made a fantastic impression so far. We have fun together," said Thomas Müller. "A 6-0 scoreline, the fans had fun, we had fun too. We can go home happy."