Davies: "I'm ready for work!"

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Alphonso Davies has had to do something he's not really good at in recent weeks: Slow down! The lightning-quick full-back was diagnosed with showing indications of myocarditis at the beginning of the year. Now that he's recovered from it, the young Canadian is gradually being integrated back into team training. In our interview, Davies talks about his rehab and what the last few weeks have been like for him - and in German, no less!

Alphonso Davies - The interview

How's your recovery going?
"I'm happy to be back at Säbener Straße. The rehab is going well so far. I have no problems with my muscles and heart, but I'm not at 100 per cent - yet! I'm just happy that I can train again and I'm ready for work."

Despite the long wait, Alphonso Davies has never let anything spoil his good mood.

What does your comeback plan look like?
"I'm giving it my all. I'm working closely with the medical department and the rehab staff. And I'm training very, very hard with and without the ball. Lots of running, strength training. I hope I can soon be back helping the team."

What are your goals in the Bundesliga and the Champions League?
"To win both!“

How have you spent the past few weeks?
"The last four to eight weeks were very boring, and tough mentally. I’ve done a lot of music in my studio, check it out. My family was here for a long time and I’ve visited my girlfriend in Paris once or twice. And otherwise, waiting waiting waiting…"

Davies was able to participate in team training again during the week:

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