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There’s no beating that winning feeling

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There’s no hiding the fact that not everything has gone smoothly this season, but the way Jamal Musiala scored his goal in the 89th minute could not have been smoother to secure Bayern an 11th straight Bundesliga title. And it brought joy, and celebrations, and huge relief.

It was clear on the faces of the players as they received the Meisterschale after the 2-1 win away at Köln just how good it felt, how meaningful this title is for every single person at Bayern.

Magic Musiala moment

“It was an incredible moment. I didn’t think much, just celebrated. It took a minute till I checked everything. I had to give everything. We had nothing to lose,” the hero of the afternoon said following the game.

Musiala took the destiny of the title into his own hands four minutes after coming off the bench, turning from a Serge Gnabry pass on the edge of the box and picking out the far bottom corner.

Bayern simply had to win to have a chance of catching Borussia Dortmund, who also had to slip up. Kingsley Coman had put FCB ahead early in before Dejan Ljubicic’s penalty set up the nerviest of finishes.

Tingles down Müller’s spine

“It sends a tingle down your spine. It’s incredible. It makes you go crazy,” summarised an emotional Thomas Müller before adding: “What flashes through your body when Jamal’s goal goes in, that’s special.”

We won’t forget the scenes of how the team gathered in a circle after the final whistle to follow the closing seconds of Dortmund’s game, how Joshua Kimmich screamed with joy, how Manuel Neuer raised the Meisterschale into the air, and how the players ran over to their fans in the corner of the stadium to also hand it over to them.

Everyone knew that, regardless of how bumpy things had been, especially in the second half of the season, the fans had stood behind them and pushed them, including on the final matchday to get the win they needed.

Müller reflected: “Anybody interested in German football will definitely subtly think that we don’t deserve it this year. I can understand that. The second half of our season was chaotic both on and off the pitch. But this title-winning moment is still incredible for the team. It’s something you’ll remember. There’s real electricity right now.”

Tuchel feels the energy

Jamal Musiala

That energy was obviously also felt by Thomas Tuchel, who won his first Bundesliga title as a coach. He’s been in the job at Bayern for eight weeks and already been through so many emotional moments. When Leroy Sane looked to have victory in his sights but failed to beat goalkeeper Marvin Schwäbe, it all came to a head for Tuchel.

“When Leroy didn’t score, I thought that this game summed up the whole time I’ve been in charge and maybe also the whole season,” he later explained. It made him even happier then when his team showed “a reaction” this time. “Jamal made another statement. It’s indescribable. I’m pleased for the players and all the backroom staff.”

Celebrate and then back to work

Everyone at Bayern is aware that stability and consistency are a must for the new season. But on this Saturday evening and at Marienplatz on Sunday, there’s the chance to enjoy that title-winning feeling once again. You just can’t beat it.

Six key moments on the way to the title:

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