FC Bayern Women training camp

That was FC Bayern Women's winter training camp

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From 10 to 14 January, FC Bayern Women prepared for the upcoming second half of the season in Doha. Intensive training sessions, a meeting with the men's team, a visit to a school and a whole load of fun: fcbayern.com rounds up the Munich girls' winter training camp.

FC Bayern Women, Mala Grohs
Thumbs up! FC Bayern Women can look back on a successful training camp.

Intensive sessions in top-class conditions

Bayern Women certainly had to graft during their winter training camp. Strength, stamina tactics – hardly any aspect was ignored by head coach Alexander Straus. In top-class conditions, Lina Magull, Caro Simon and Co were able to focus on the contents of the training. Straus is pleased: "The overall conditions were very good, including the weather. We worked on our system, both in attack and in defence. We also worked on pressing. We were able to delve a bit more deeply here and refine the details more. The physical side was also important, with the focus being on keeping the intensity high."

FCB Women, Karólína Lea Vilhjálmsdóttir, Glódís Perla Viggósdóttir
There was fun alongside the arduous training sessions.

"We fitted a lot in"

On the first day, the women met the FC Bayern men's team, who also held their training camp at the Aspire Academy from 6 to 12 January. Day two included a visit to a local school as well as training with the girls. The focus was on the football, though. "We fitted a lot in and tried to cover everything," explained goalkeeper Mala Grohs. "Tactically we tried to take it up a notch and develop further. The legs are obviously sore now, but it's also really fun."

"Developed well as a team"

During the camp, new players such as Norwegian Tuva Hansen were able to integrate into the team. Despite the strict training schedule, the Bayern girls had a lot of fun. Before going back to Munich on Saturday evening, Straus' team got the chance to put their training into practice in an inter-squad friendly. "The days have been very intensive, but we've taken a huge step forward," said Franzi Kett. "We've developed well as a team again. We had top conditions, really implemented a lot of things and also had great fun."

Caro Simon and Lina Magull played football tennis with Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich in Doha:

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