Alexander Straus: We deserved more today

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Despite a spirited display, FC Bayern Women had to settle for a 0-0 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt in their first Bundesliga match at the Allianz Arena. "We deserved more today. We were the better team and dominated the game," summarised head coach Alexander Straus. "We lacked the cutting edge in the final third. We have to work on that," said Sarah Zadrazil. fcbayern.com has put together the rest of the reaction to the clash against SGE.

The reaction to the match against Eintracht Frankfurt

Alexander Straus: "We deserved more today. We were the better team and dominated the game. We struggled a bit to create chances, but we created enough to at least get one goal. We made some wrong decisions in the final third."

Sarah Zadrazil: "We played against top opponents. Frankfurt are a top team in the Bundesliga now. We cancelled each other out a bit. The game took part in midfield for the most part, there were few clear chances. Clearly we would've liked to keep the three points here at the Allianz Arena, but ultimately we lacked the cutting edge in the final third. We have to work on that. The 0-0 is a fair result in the end, but we're not satisfied."

Klara Bühl: "It was a tough game. For us it's important that we continue on our path. We have to take away the positives, but obviously we also need to look at what we can do better. We had the chances and just have to put them away. Frankfurt have incredible intensity, pace and agility. They're always there and it's down to every little contact and the accuracy. We lacked that accuracy today."

Linda Dallmann: "The game was relatively low on chances in the end. It was largely contained in midfield. In that respect, it was our fault that we didn't create enough chances and didn't get near goal enough. Ultimately that cost us the win. We just need to become more dangerous in front of goal. We know a draw hurts, particularly with regards to the title race. It's not ideal and certainly below our expectations that we've already drawn twice after four matchdays."

Maria Luisa Grohs: "Obviously we wanted to win this game. It was a tight contest. We didn't have too many chances but obviously we wanted to score one or two goals. We had fewer attempts than usual today - that's something we want to do differently in the future. Still, we had the chance to score a goal."

The reaction from the Eintracht Frankfurt camp

Niko Arnautis (Eintracht Frankfurt coach): "I think it was a very intensive and tense game. Both teams showed what they're about. We've progressed so much over the last few years that we can even come to Munich and get something, so we're pleased with the result. It was great that we got to play at the Allianz Arena today and of course we're happy to take the point."

Laura Freigang (Eintracht Frankfurt striker): "I think the draw is fair. We played well today. We allowed very few chances in our penalty box, so in that respect it was a typical 0-0. Obviously we wanted to get something here, and we've got a point."

Sophie Kleinherne (Eintracht Frankfurt defender): "Our priority was to finally keep a clean sheet. That does us a lot of good. We definitely worked very well at the back. We said before in the dressing room that we didn't just want to play this game against an opponent like Bayern, but ideally win it too. Now we've got a point, which is really good for us."

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