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10 reasons to visit the FC Bayern Museum

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The summer holidays are just around the corner, and we have the ultimate tip for a perfect day with the record German champions. A visit to the FC Bayern Museum is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. Whether for mum, dad, grandma, grandpa or the little ones, there are countless reasons why a trip to the club museum is a must. We’ve got just 10 of them here for you.

1. A walk down the Via Triumphalis

It sparkles gold and silver as you enter the FC Bayern Museum. In fact, Bayern have won so many titles that the ‘Via Triumphalis’ stretches through the entire first part of the exhibition. Since claiming a 13th domestic double in 2020, there are 20 DFB Cups, 29 Bundesliga Meisterschalen and a Viktoria from the first German Championship on display. Want to see all the trophies won this season? The FC Bayern Museum is the place to go. None other than head coach Hansi Flick brought the silverware into the museum in July.

2. Learning about the early years with a pub newsletter

There is still little known about the beginnings of our club. There are notices, kits, files, even personal documents, photos and records, but there is little left from the founding years. However, two pub newsletters from 1902 and 1903 have survived, for example. And what many people don’t know is that the club’s original colours were white and blue, as can be seen on the 1902 cover. They are in excellent condition, and together with an FC Bayern postcard from 1900, they are the oldest exhibits on show in the FC Bayern Museum.

3. Remembering the treble

Ending a season with the Bundesliga, DFB Cup and Champions League trophies in your hands is an unprecedented feat. It has only happened once in Bayern’s 120-year history, under Jupp Heynckes in 2013. That historic and unique achievement is commemorated in “Treble Corner” in the museum. The glistening trophies, Heynckes’ beer-soaked suit and a piece of the net from Wembley tell their own stories.

4. Home sweet home

You can stand in the heart of the Allianz Arena and see it from the outside. The FC Bayern Museum gives you the chance to look closely at the architecture, structure and interior of FCB’s impressive home. The model of the Arena, which opened in 2005, is one of four. There are also replicas of the stadiums at Leopoldstraße, Grünwalder Straße and the Olympic Stadium. Combine your visit with a look around the real Allianz Arena!

5. Beckenbauer’s promotion kit

Bayern have never been relegated from the Bundesliga, but their promotion to the nationwide top flight in 1965 lives long in the memory. Now Germany’s most successful club, FCB won the second-tier Regionalliga Süd with an 8-0 victory at Tennis Borussia Berlin to book their place in the Bundesliga. That team included a young Franz Beckenbauer, who would play a key role in Bayern’s development into an international force before leaving in 1977. The shirt he wore in that game is on display in the museum.

6. The Hall of Fame

Brilliant footballers and strong personalities have defined every era of Bayern’s history. Eighteen of them are especially remembered. They include World Cup and European Championship winners, European and German champions, and world, European and German Players of the Year. In this special section of the exhibition, these outstanding players and characters are honoured through displays, photos and films. It also includes legends of the modern era, Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Hall of Fame is the home of legends.

7. Sit back and journey through time

Take a seat in the FC Bayern Museum’s cinema for 12 minutes of thrills as you relive the most important and emotional moments in the club’s history. Key figures from then and now talk of their careers, and match scenes invite you to indulge in memories. Sit back, relax and feel the “Mia san mia”.

8. In Klinsmann’s footstep(s)

What Bayern fan doesn’t remember 10 May 1977 when striker Jürgen Klinsmann was subbed off – too early, in his mind – in a Bundesliga game against Freiburg. He took out his frustration on an advertising drum, leaving a memory as large as the hole he created. You can even see the damaged ‘Sanyo’ advertising drum in the exhibition area covering the 90s.

9. Weekend at Berni‘s

Everyone knows Berni, but where does the Bayern mascot live? Little guests at the FC Bayern Museum can playfully find out all about the life of the bear in his two-storey house. There are a few surprises in the treasure cave, as well as numerous play stations in the living room. And befittingly, the exit from Berni’s house is a slide. In fact, children get their money’s worth in various corners of the museum.

10. Line up with the team

There’s probably no better spot in the museum for a photo than in front of the current squad. With chests pumped and a determined look, the players and coaches are lined up either side to accompany visitors out of the exhibition. Every year, a special photoshoot is needed to make the life-size figures made of aluminium look perfect. So, say cheese!