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HELPSIDE is the be-all and end-all when playing defense in basketball: Helping your teammate when he needs support on defense is what every young talent learns at the FCBB early on.

In the future, FCBB HELPSIDE will work for those in society who are in urgent need of help; for the sake of inclusion, for young talent in our city - and for a diverse, colorful Munich.

The Front Office, the players and coaches and the entire FCBB family are aware of their responsibilities off the basketball court. They would all, therefore like to support those who need help or are looking for a change in their everyday lives.

Bayern national player Maodo Lo said: "We know how important inclusion is and that no one should be excluded, no matter what group they belong to. Because everyone is human.”

Marko Pesic, Managing Director of FCBB, explained: "A project like HELPSIDE is important because our task is not only to please people with basketball and results but also to be socially involved.”



Since February 2015, the FCBB has been an official partner of the Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München (AKM). The charitable institution looks after families with terminally ill and life-threatened unborn babies, newborns, children, adolescents and young adults in Munich and throughout Bavaria. The team of full-time doctors, psychologists, nurses and social workers is supported by around 180 volunteers in the areas of crisis intervention as well as family and grief support. The aim is to support the sick children and young people, but also their relatives, in difficult times and to give them the feeling of safety, security and normality.

The FCBB regularly invites affected families to home games in the Audi Dome and supports AKM events - such as their summer party. In addition, donations are collected at home games via the cup deposit for the benefit of the institution ("Dunk Dein Pfand").

Info: www.kinderhospiz-muenchen.de


Since the end of 2017, the FCBB has been working together with Offene Behindertenarbeit München as part of the EuroLeague's "ONE TEAM" project. The OBA is an institution run by the Evangelical Lutheran District of Munich. It organises a wide range of leisure and educational activities as well as counselling and travel opportunities for - and with - people with learning difficulties.

Once a week an inclusive basketball training session with mixed teams takes place in Grosshadern. Coaches and players from the FCBB attend these training sessions and the group also has the opportunity to train on the Audi Dome court. The OBA athletes are also part of the FCBB-supported Special Olympics initiative. The FCBB's ONE TEAM ambassador is Alex King.

The OBA offers children, teenagers, adults and seniors activities that are designed in such a way that people with and without disabilities can participate on an equal footing. The goals are self-determination, individual leisure activities and participation in social life for all people as well as the strengthening of an inclusive society.

Info: www.oba-muenchen.de


Since February 2019, the FCBB has supported the objectives of DEIN MÜNCHEN as an official cooperative partner. The non-profit organisation supports disadvantaged children and young people in Munich and creates sustainable, unbureaucratic and free access to education, culture and sport.

‘DEIN MÜNCHEN’ or ‘Your Munich’ starts where schools, homes and municipal institutions reach their limits.

The aim is to integrate young people at the margins of society and to involve them in a sustainable way. The hands-on learning and other opportunities leads to personal development, increased quality of life and a healthy inclusion in society. All children should grow up with the feeling that the world is open to them and that they can achieve everything they set out to, regardless of their background.

In concrete terms, FCBB HELPSIDE offers children and young people the opportunity to gain insight behind the scenes of the FCBB, to take part in activities and to become active themselves. This includes active participation in the TV magazine format, including the design of their own video magazine pieces. In this context, not only the handling of the camera is learned, but also the proper interviewing techniques.

Info: www.dein-muenchen.org
Photo: Andreas Reiter Photography


In addition to its cooperative partners, FCBB HELPSIDE also supports other social institutions and organisations. On game days in the Audi Dome, for example, collections (clothes, food, etc.) for the benefit of needy people takes place regularly in Munich. Partners in these campaigns have included the Bahnhofsmission München, the Münchner Tafels and Diakonia München.

Actions in the fight against blood cancer are organized in cooperation with the German marrow donor organization (DKMS) - regularly at home games.

Through events such as auctions (Charity Dinner etc.) we collect donations for the Children’s Hospital Schwabing.

Facilities that support young refugees, such as the new residential and cultural center for refugees and Bellevue di Monaco, are regular guests at FCBB home games by invitation.

The topic of inclusion is also regularly brought to attention with games for Munich wheelchair basketball players during professional home games. This is also emphasized at events such as the preview of the successful film "We are Champions" in Munich's "CinemaXx" which took part with 150 guests from the OBA, the AKM, as well as athletes and coaches from the German Special Olympics Initiative.  

The FCBB collects garbage on the banks of the Isar river

FC Bayern Basketball has set an example for a clean environment as players from various teams, coaches and office staff took part in a clean-up campaign for the environmental project "Pacific Garbage Screening". On the Isar river bank near the Glockenbach district in Munich, a lot of rubbish was collected on the popular Au section between the Wittelsbacher and Reichenbach bridges. The cool weather and a few raindrops did not stop them from fulfilling this noble task.

The central area of the Munich Isar bank is always heavily frequented, especially by young people in the summer months. Before the start of the outdoor season, the FCBB, together with the Aachener Umweltschutz-Verein (Club for environmental protection) led the way towards a sustainable coexistence and responsible behavior in nature.

"I live just a few steps away from the banks of the Isar and the Cornelius bridge. The recreational value of this incredibly beautiful and unique spot in the middle of the city cannot be preserved enough," said FCBB Captain Danilo Barthel in praise of the campaign. Teammate Robin Amaize was personally on site, as were youngster Nelson Weidemann, junior trainers Demond Greene and Steffen Hamann as well as numerous other youth players. "I'm really looking forward to the garbage ending up where it belongs. That's how I was brought up," said Amaize.

The team from Pacific Garbage Screening e.V. is developing a platform to free rivers and oceans from plastic and microplastic. But they also know that this alone is not enough to protect the environment from increasing pollution. That's why Pacific Garbage Screening is using clean-ups and lectures to draw attention to the problem of plastics and to sensitize people to more conscious consumption in everyday life.

Info: www.pacific-garbage-screening.de

Photo: Steffen Shorak

#missingtype: Only when it's missing, it's worth notice

FCBB supports campaign and calls for blood donations

The AB0 blood group system divides all people into blood groups. In the nationwide campaign, the letters A, B and 0 are omitted in logos, lettering or contributions. These missing letters stand for the frequently required blood groups A, B and zero and are intended to strengthen awareness of the necessity of blood donation and to encourage active blood donation.

Every day 15,000 blood donations are needed in Germany. The recruitment of new donors is becoming more and more difficult. Every year the DRK blood donation services lose 100,000 donors. Bottlenecks with blood groups develop regularly.

Further information under www.missingtype.de

Blood donation in Munichhttps://www.drk-blutspende.de/blutspendetermine/termine?term=M%C3%BCnchen